Mr. Horoho Vacant MG Purser  
Mr. Raymond T. Horoho
Senior Official Performing the Duties of the ASA (M&RA)
Ms. Diane Randon
Principal Deputy
MG Robert D. Carlson
Special Assistant to ASA (M&RA)
Mark Davis Francine Blackmon Ms. Paula Patrick Warren Whitlock
Mr. Mark S. Davis
Army Marketing Research Group
Ms. Francine Blackmon
Army Review Boards Agency
Ms. Paula Patrick
Civilian Personnel and Civilian Senior Leader Management Office
Mr. Warren S. Whitlock
Diversity & Leadership
Don Salo Jeffrey Angers Fred Rees  
Mr. Donald G. Salo Jr.
Military Personnel / Quality of Life
Mr. Jeffrey P. Angers
Strategic Integration Office
Mr. Raymond "Fred" Rees
Training, Readiness, & Mobilization