Supervise Manpower and Reserve Component Affairs for the Secretary of the Army.

The Assistant Secretary of the Army (ASA) Manpower & Reserve Affairs (M&RA) mission statement is a declaration of our purpose and clarifies why everything we do contributes to the Army's mission and furthers the Army's vision.

ASA (M&RA) will lead the human capital enterprise for America's all-volunteer Army: Relevant and ready, agile, adaptive and organized for the 21st century.

The ASA (M&RA)'s organizational values directly support the Army values.


The lineage of the ASA (M&RA) organization mirrors the ever-changing needs of the Army, the attitudes of its leaders and the impact of outside forces that have molded the Army's size and organizational structure during the past 40 years.


The ASA(M&RA) Strategic Plan is being revised. This document will set a clear and concise direction for our ASA (M&RA) leaders and staff to better provide appropriate supervision, while continuously adapting to the changing needs of our Federal Government, the Army and our soldiers.