Equity Mr. Beach
Mr. Anselm A. Beach
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army


Mission is to maintain Army as a model of diversity by providing a culture that values diversity and inclusion and an environment free from unlawful discrimination and prohibited behaviors, to maximize the readiness potential of every soldier, civilian and family member, through policy development, practice, workforce analysis and outreach.

Key Responsibilities

Advises the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) (ASA (M&RA)) and promulgates policy on all matters covering Diversity and Inclusion, Civil Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Military Equal Opportunity, Career Program Functional Chief Representative and proponent for Command Leadership Policy within the current and projected workforce, military and civilian.

  • -Perform functions and duties assigned to the Army "Director of EEO" - Army Regulation (AR) 690-12 and AR 690-600.
  • -Responsible for policy development and implementing instruction for the Army Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to include the integration of Diversity Training, Education, and Leader Development into the fabric of Army policy, campaign plan, and operations.

  • Policy and oversight of Army Command Programs: military discipline and conduct, EEO Program Policy and Compliance, Program Evaluation, Equal Opportunity (EO), Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Program (SHARP), Religious Accommodation, Soldier 2020
  • THE ASA (M&RA) RESPONSIBILITIES PER DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY GENERAL ORDER 2017-01 includes strategic management of human capital, military and civilian, across all Army Components, including Department of the Army (DA) Executives and Senior Professionals and Army civilian senior leaders; Army learning, professional and leader education and development for Soldiers and DA civilians; the EEO and EO programs, human relations, diversity and inclusion strategy and policy.


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