Civilian Personnel Mr. Stamilio
Mr. Donald G. Salo, Jr.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army - Military Personnel / Quality of Life


Provide policy, supervision, and oversight of military human resource programs for the Total Force, human resources system for Army Families, and all Quality of Life matters.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advise the ASA (M&RA) on all matters relating to Military HR
  • Supervise current and future personnel readiness of the Army through the development and integration of human resource policies and programs
  • Provide oversight and supervision of Quality of Life policies, programs, services, and resourcing in support of Soldiers, Civilians, and their Families
  • Develop and provide military human resource policies, programming, and oversight
  • Develop and oversee interment/inurnment policy at Arlington National Cemetery. Provide policy and oversight for military burial honors; casualty, mortuary, and memorial affairs; and POW/MIA accountability
  • Act as liaison and senior advisor to the Army Budget Office and legislative affairs for all military personnel matters relating to manpower, human resources, and Reserve affairs
  • Co-chair the MWR Board of Directors (BoD); serve on the BoD for AAFES, DeCA, and MWR
  • Serve as senior Army representative on Transition Assistance Program, Senior Steering Group, and the Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprises
  • Provide oversight of the Army Congressional Fellowship Program

Office of the DASA(CQ) Quality of Life (QoL) Oversight

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